What you will need first:

In order to use Stanton’s Digital Delivery you will need the following:

1)      Hal Leonard products: your internet browser needs to support HTML5.  You will also need a program that can open and read PDF files (Adobe Reader).
2)      Alfred products: will need to have a recent version Adobe flash installed.

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We recommend:

We recommend that you print this free sample to double check that your printer is able to accept a purchased download.

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System requirements for Noteflight.

The following web browsers and versions are officially supported by Noteflight:

Browser Minimum Version
Google Chrome 21
Safari 5
Internet Explorer 9
Firefox 14
Mobile Safari iOS 6
Android 2.3

Note* Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8 does not work with Noteflight.

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Getting Started

Stanton’s Digital Delivery system is set up so that you do not have to create an account in order to purchase a download from us. It’s as easy as reviewing the piece of music and clicking on the “add to cart” button. After your purchase has been added to the shopping cart, you can proceed to and complete the “check out” process. Stanton’s will then send you an email with a “link” directing you to a customized web site where you can edit and print your music.

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Hal Leonard products can now be saved to your PC or Tablet device as a PDF.  This feature allows you to start building your own Digital Library on your device.

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Printing & Downloading

Hal Leonard: Download & Print
Hal Leonard products now use the Noteflight viewer and many titles can be transposed using the Noteflights header bar.  If a product does not have transposing capabilities the file comes in a print only version (no transposing capabilities).

After you have made a purchase of a transposable piece, make sure your transposition is still in place, then click the print button. 

Once you click on the download icon, Noteflight will show that a PDF is being created.  Depending on which browser you are using it will ask if you want to “open” or “save” the file to your computer. 

*note: Chrome will automatically download the file to your downloads folder. 

Alfred files: Print Only
You will only be allowed to print one page as a sample. Once you have purchased a download, you will have the right to print the entire score for the authorized number of times that you purchased. If you purchase only one copy, you are only authorized to print one copy. If you purchase multiple copies, then you will be authorized to print multiple copies.

Please have your printer set up and ready to go: be sure that your printer is turned on, contains paper and ink, and is plugged into your computer correctly. If you do run out of paper, do not turn your printer off, just put more paper into the printer and continue. Also, make sure that you have made any instrument or transposition changes before you start printing.

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A search engine box is present at the top of every page. Enter your keyword(s) and click the "Go" button. For an advanced search, go to the Advanced Search page. The advanced search page allows you to search for music by identifying a title, artist or composer keyword for a certain style or format.

The Search results page has a "Directory Options" box on the right side of the page that will help you to narrow your search further. It allows you to search among the returned results further by format and also allows you to redisplay the search results by style or format.

The Search results page displays up to 30 search result items by page.  View another page of results by clicking on the page number links at the bottom of the Search Results page.

Click on the title of an item to preview the score. If you know you want to order, click the Add to Cart link on the left side of the preview page.

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By Style (Category): On Home page , there is a section "Browse: Style" for browse for music related to a particular style such as pop, rock, etc. Also on any category page, there is "Style" menu on the right side menu.

By Format: On Home page , there is a section "Browse: Format" for browse for music related to a particular style such as guitar tab, choral, etc. Also on any category page, there is "Format" menu on the right side menu.

By Artist: On the right side menu of every category page, there is "Artist" menu. You can look through an alphabetical list for any band, singer or writer by selecting the appropriate initial letter. Note that individuals are listed as Lastname, Firstname.

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Don't Give Up!

If you can't find the artist, title or song you are looking for it doesn't necessarily mean that we don't have it. We may still be able to get it for you, or help find a suitable alternative. Please contact us with your request.

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A. Security Policy

Stanton’s Digital Delivery is committed to the highest level of security commercially available. To keep sensitive information safe:

  • We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on areas of the site where you are entering personal or payment information. This means that this information is encrypted between your computer and ours, and no one else can normally decipher it. You can tell that you are in a secure area of Stanton’s Digital Delivery by the small padlock displayed at the bottom of your browser window.
  • Our encryption is the strongest commercially available - 128K - and is approved by the authorities and financial institutions. Additionally, an independent, trusted third party - in this case GoDaddy.com, Inc. - has issued us with a certificate which proves our right to use the domain name Stanton’s Digital Delivery in a secure environment, and who can clarify that we are who we say we are. 
  • Because we use online credit card authorization, your card details get transmitted directly and securely to the bank for processing. Therefore even Stanton’s Digital Delivery staff do not see your card details (unless arranging a credit), making them even safer. We believe that shopping online with Stanton’s Digital Delivery - with the carefully thought-out procedures mentioned above - is safe as or safer than using a credit card over the telephone or in a restaurant.
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B. Privacy Policy

Stanton’s Digital Delivery is committed to keeping the personal details of its visitors and customers private and secure.

We will not sell/share your personal details with unrelated third parties, partners or affiliates.

We use the personal information you give us to:

  • contact you in case there is a problem with your order

  • change and enhance the web site

  • conduct anonymous research into the way our web site is used and the purchasing patterns of our customers

  • email you occasionally with details of our products, special promotions, and site enhancements

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C. Terms and Conditions

We will strive to provide you with the music you want, in as easy and efficient way as possible. If things go wrong, contact us, and we will remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Stanton’s Digital Delivery has set forth the following terms and conditions:

1.      A contract does not exist between you and Stanton’s Digital Delivery until your payment has been accepted and an order acceptance confirmation has been sent to the email address you specified when you made your purchase. Stanton’s Digital Delivery reserves the right not to accept any order or to withdraw from this contract in the event of obvious or material inaccuracies caused by human or technical error.

2.      When purchasing a piece of sheet music at Stanton’s Digital Delivery you are purchasing the right to:

o  print the sheet music the authorized number of times

o  view the sheet music on screen at Stanton’s Digital Delivery as long as it remains in the catalogue.

3.      You DO NOT have the right to:

o  Alfred Publishing does not allow you the right to download the sheet music for storage on your own or other computer.  Hal Leonard files are now available for print and downloading to a PC or Device. 

o  redistribute the sheet music in any form or file format for commercial or any other purposes.  Meaning you can’t distribute to anyone that has not compensated the Publisher for their product.

o  alter, edit or tamper with the sheet music file or print-out, other than alterations authorized by Hal Leonard or Alfred and available through the sheet music viewer (e.g. transposition).

4.      Price information displayed on the Stanton’s Digital Delivery web site is subject to change without notice.

5.      All purchases from Stanton’s Digital Delivery are subject to US Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the US courts.

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights. If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions please contact us

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D. Refund Policy

Our refund policy is as follows:

  • If you are unhappy with or fail to print any item(s) bought from Stanton’s Digital Delivery, please contact us quoting your order number if you have it at hand.

  • After investigating the cause of the problem, we will offer you either another chance to print your purchased item, or a full refund for that item, but Stanton’s Digital Delivery shall have no further liability to you.

Please send any further questions about our Refund Policy using Contact Us form

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Why can't I see any music on the site?

1)      Hal Leonard products: your internet browser needs to support HTML5.  You will also need a program that can open and read PDF files (Adobe Reader).
2)      Alfred products: will need to have a recent version Adobe flash installed.

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Why can I only see the first page of the music?

In order to see any pages beyond the first, you must purchase the music. Copyright law prevents us from displaying the full piece before purchasing, but we allow you to see the first page to help ensure that the music you have chosen is really the one that you want. After you purchase the sheet music, you will be able to view all of the pages, play back all of the music, adjust the tempo, and other customizations before you print.

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Why can I only hear the first 30 seconds of the piece?

We can only play the first 30 seconds of any copyrighted piece of music.

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If I can't find it, does that mean you don't have it?

Our search function can sometimes be very sensitive; try entering fewer search terms or browsing by style or format. If you need further assistance, contact us, and we'll tell you how to find it or we will try to find it for you. A product that is not be available for digital download may still be available for purchase through standard retail from Stanton’s Sheet Music. We would be happy to discuss all the shipping options available for getting your music to you more quickly.

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Why doesn't the music that I printed contain all the verses/lyrics/notes that I was expecting?

Some formats - often Piano/Vocal and Piano/Vocal/Guitar - are not transcribed exactly from the recording. Publisher sometimes simplify these arrangements on purpose to make them more accessible to a variety of musicians. Look for distinctions such as “Easy Piano,” “Big Note,” “Easy Guitar,” etc., to indicate an easier or condensed version of the original.

Any item designated as a “lead sheet,” is rarely more than one page in length, and will usually include only lyrics, chord symbols and the melody line of the song.

If you are not able to find the arrangement that you want, please contact us at 1-800-42-MUSIC during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) or use contact form

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What cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

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How can I trust that my credit card details are secure?

We believe we are one of the safest sites on the net. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt your personal information. We use 128K encryption which is the strongest commercially available. We transmit your credit card details directly to the bank for authorization and debiting; no one in our organization can see them.

For more information, please see our Security Policy.

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How do I know that my personal information is safe with you?

Stanton’s Digital Delivery will keep the personal details of its visitors and customers private and secure. We will not pass on your email address to any third party.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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Why has my order been declined?

Please check that you have correctly entered the following information: State/Province, Zip Code, and Phone Number (U.S. and Canadian billing addresses,) valid email address, Credit Card number, expiration date and CVV code. If after confirming your details your order is still declined, email support@digitaldelivery.com

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My order has gone wrong! Can I get a refund?

If you are unhappy with or fail to print any item(s) bought from Stanton’s Digital Delivery, you can contact us to request a refund.

For more information, please check our Refund Policy.

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Why hasn't my music printed properly?

Please check our FAQ item Printing Problems for possible solutions to common problems.

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Why do I lose transpositions I make in the piece when I move off the page?

Because each Noteflight file is read-only and cannot save or transfer any information, a transposition will only appear on the page which you first make it. If you leave that page and return, you will find that any changes you had made to the file will have “reset” to the default characteristics. Before printing a piece of music, check to ensure that all your transpositions/changes are as you want them, and then print.

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I bought a digital file, but my printer won't work. What should I do?

Prior to printing, please check that your printer has paper, ink or any other components necessary for successful printing. Because you will be able to access your order through email, you do not have to print your order from the same computer that you used for purchasing. You do not have to print on the same day that you purchase. If you suspect that you will not be able to print from a certain machine at a certain time, you can wait until conditions are optimal for completing the print-out of your purchase.

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What about shipping costs and delivery time?

When you download from Digital Delivery and print the music yourself, there is no additional shipping cost. You can access your purchase through email and print it out immediately!

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I printed my music but want another copy. How do I get it?

Due to copyright regulations, you may print only one copy per purchase. You will need to make a second purchase to print a second copy.

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How long will it take to download digital sheet music files?

Average download time is about five seconds for digital sheet music; it could be even faster with a broadband connection. The file size is about 10k per page.

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Can I save a file when I purchase digital sheet music in Noteflight format?

Noteflight is an application that includes a file that can be saved to your PC or Device (PDF).  You can view and alter the piece in Noteflight as many times as you wish before download and printing.

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Are your products only available online, or do you have a store that I can visit?

Digital Delivery is an online extension of Stanton’s Sheet Music, a retail store that has been operating in Columbus, OH for almost 55 years. We encourage you to visit our store, where you can browse thousands of products and speak with our knowledgeable staff regarding all your sheet music needs.

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I'm trying to print front and back of pages for a band arrangment. Can I do that?

Hal Leonard’s Noteflight files are downloaded in a PDF format and can be printed front and back.  This is not set-up in Noteflight as the default.

Alfred products may not capable of being printed front and back on copiers.

*note: Some copier/fax machine/printers allow you to print from front and back of pages which is very convenient.  Not all copiers are created equally.

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Shopping Cart

Inside the shopping cart you will see the list of titles that you have added, the cost of each item and the order total.

Inside the shopping cart you can remove an item from the basket and change the number of copies that you would like to download.

Once you have finished shopping and want to finalize your order, click the “Proceed to Step #2 of checkout”.

If you have hard good items in the cart then you will get a “thank you” notice and your order will be delivered to your shipping address.

If you also have Digital Delivery items in your shopping cart, you will see a “Continue with Digital Delivery Order” button.

After your credit card has been immediately authorized, a direct email will be sent to you with an “order notification.”

Open that email and click on the individual URL links for each title that you have purchased. These links are essential to downloading your purchase.

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Cookies are small files that Stanton’s Digital Delivery sends to your browser that help us keep track of the contents of your shopping cart. Cookies are common on the internet and are harmless to your computer. However, if you don’t see anything inside your shopping cart, your browser may not be set up to accept cookies. You can check your browser’s security settings by going to “tools” at the top of your task bar, then “Internet Options”, then Security in Internet Explorer.

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We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

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Order Status

Once your order has been submitted, your credit card information is automatically transmitted to the bank for authorization; this may take a few seconds for verification of funds to be processed. Generally, your order is either “credit card” accepted or “credit card” decline.

After your credit card has been authorized, a direct email will be sent to you with an “order notification” to the purchaser. Open that email and click on the individual URL links for each title that you have purchased. These links are essential to downloading your purchases and will direct you to the page from which you will be able to print them.

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The printer did not print at all

  • Check to see if your printer is turned on.
  • Check to see if the printer has paper.
  • Check to see if the printer is connected to your computer.
  • Check your ink levels (especially if the page printed is blank.)
  • Try printing a test document to make sure the printer is working properly. If that works then try printing your music file.

If there is still a problem, look below for more information.

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Out of paper?

Do not turn off the printer, just add paper to the tray and it should continue printing. Some printers may also require you to push the paper feed button after you insert more paper.

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Tried to print several copies but it didn't work.

When buying a score you can only print the number of copies for which you have paid. To print an additional copy, you must purchase an additional copy.

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Notes print as text characters (or other font problems.)

Try changing your printer's font settings:

  • In Windows try printing again but click “Properties” in the Print Dialog Box.
  • Try changing options which affect font printing, such as “Print fonts as graphics” or “Print TrueType as graphics” (usually on the Font tab of the Properties dialog box).


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Read First

If you have tried the above, check if you have the latest driver for your printer. If not, you should be able to download the latest driver from the printer manufacturer's web site:

Canon printers: http://www.canon.co.jp/download-e.html

Epson printers: http://support.epson.com/filelibrary.html

HP printers: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/eschome.html

Brothers printers: http://www.brother-usa.com/Printer/

Lexmark printers: http://www.lexmark.com/

Others: use your web browser to search for the manufacturer.

  • Download the newest driver.
  • Save it somewhere easy to find, such as on your desktop.
  • Then install the new driver (in Windows:)
    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click Printers.
    4. Then double-click “Add Printer” and follow the instructions.
    5. When asked for the manufacturer and model of your printer, click “Have Disk” if you downloaded the file, then find the new driver file you downloaded.
  • When you've finished, find the score again.
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