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ID#: 248326
Genre: Jazz Ensemble
Full Score + Set of 17 parts
Price $50.00
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With some creative twists and turns, but always with an underlying sense of drive, this arrangement takes this ZZ Top classic into some exciting uncharted territory! Thick ensemble textures are combined with a moderate rock pulse, and also included is a solo for tenor sax.

Parts List

To view/purchase the score or any multi-page part, click on its label below.
To customize the set, choose any combination of parts in the Parts in Set column. The total must be 17.
To purchase an extra score(s) or extra part(s), enter the number in Extra Parts column.
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Label (click items below to see preview) Parts in Set Price Extra Parts
Legs - Conductor Score (Full Score) (Jazz Ensemble) $5.00
Legs - Alto Sax 1 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Alto Sax 2 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Tenor Sax 1 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Tenor Sax 2 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Baritone Sax (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trumpet 1 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trumpet 2 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trumpet 3 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trumpet 4 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trombone 1 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trombone 2 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trombone 3 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Trombone 4 (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Guitar (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Piano (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Bass (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99
Legs - Drums (Jazz Ensemble) $2.99

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